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Prevention of mealybug on fruit plants

Fruit tree

Prevention of mealybug on fruit plants

Mealybugs have a scientific name: Planococcus citri, they parasitize on many crops, causing damage to the vitality and quality of agricultural products.

Mealybugs damage all parts of the plant. Most commonly found on stems, leaves and branches.

Mealybugs also attack the root zone causing damaged leaves to wilt and turn yellow, which can be mistaken for symptoms of drought. A long time will cause the plant to lose nutrients and die.

To manage Mealybugs well, it is necessary to alternate between a variety of farming methods and chemicals.

Cultivation method:

  • Strong water spray to wash away Mealybugs.
  • Cut branches with concentrated mealybugs (when discovered) and burn them.
  • Raising natural enemies to eliminate Mealybugs: Parasitic bees, ladybugs, carnivorous bugs…

Chemicals method:

For effective eradication of Mealybugs, MPS would like to introduce a new product Taron 50EC – New active ingredient Chlopyrifos methyl. 

Taron 50EC – New active ingredient Chlopyrifos methyl. 

  • Eliminates the pest by 4 mechanisms: Dermal entry, Oral entry, deeply absorb and Strong Respiratory.
  • Broad spectrum of effects
  • Dosage: 130 ml/100 liters of water.


  • Spray water volume: 320 liters/ha
  • Spray the plants evenly; the most effective time to spray is when the Mealybugs are young.
  • To increase absorption quickly and spread evenly on the leaf surface as well as increase the effectiveness of insecticides, farmer combine Taron 50EC with Map Green 6SL (100ml/200 liters) to make the use of the drug more effective, especially especially in the rainy season.

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