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Citrus Mealybugs Management

Fruit tree

Citrus Mealybugs Management

1. Harmful effects of mealybugs:

Mealybugs suck the nutrients of the tree, causing the tree to be depleted, slow to grow, reduce yield and fruit quality.

2. Preventive measures:

  • To limit the harmful effects of mealybugs, farmers should visit the garden regularly, detect early and spray Map Judo 25WP when new mealybugs appear.
  • Dosage: 250g/drum of 200 liters.

Map Judo 25WP – anti-molting – cut life cycle 

  • Map Judo 25WP – Anti-molting mechanism kills aphids without causing resistance
  • Map Judo 25WP – damage eggs, prevent new generation of aphid


  • To increase the effectiveness of mealybug control, farmer combine Map Judo 25WP with Map Green 6SL (100ml/200 liters)
  • If the population of mealybug is high, spraying should be repeated after 7 days.

Wishing you a bountiful harvest!

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