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Mango-anthracnose Management

Fruit tree

Mango-anthracnose Management

Symptoms and effects of anthracnose:

  • Mango Anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (Penz) Sacc fungus.
  • The fungus causes disease on young plant parts: leaves, flowers and young shoots.
  • Severe disease causes flower drying, fruit rot and young fruit drop.
  • The fungus spreads very quickly thanks to the wind in rainy and humid conditions, and the garden is dense.

Preventive measures:

To limit the development of the disease, farmer should visit the garden regularly, detect early and treat with Map Rota 50 WP (active ingredient Kresoxim Methyl) to prevent disease.

Map Rota 50WP – Rửa Sạch Thán Thư – Bảo Vệ Đêm Ngày

  • New active ingredients on Vietnam market
  • Strong systemic action
  • Short quarantine time
  • Dosage: 140g/200 liter of water

Note: To increase the effectiveness of anthracnose control, farmer should handle it when the disease appears early or spray in the rainy weather.

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