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Weed management in peanut field


Weed management in peanut field

There are many weed groups in the peanut field: grasses, sedges, broadleaf weeds…

1. The harmful effect of weed

Compete with peanut crop for nutrients, water, and light.

Be alternate hosts that harbor insect, pests and diseases.

2. The preventive and control weed measures in peanut field:

To be good management of weed infestation in peanut field, MPS would like to introduce the Dzo super 10SL product (Imazethapyr 100g/L) 

3. The advantage of product:

Dzo super 10SL – “Without weed – Good Crop – Earning Money”

  • Post – emergence herbicide – Strong systemic action
  • Specifically control weed species in the peanut field: Crabgrass, Bermuda grass, Purple nutsedge, Barnyard grass, Eclipta…

4. Usage:

Application timing: apply at 10 – 15 days after seeding when true leaves emerging.

Dosage: 40ml/ 16L sprayer.


–  The soil must be moist enough before application.

–  Do not apply when temperate is lower than 20oC

–  Only apply on the peanut field (monoculture), do not apply on the crop rotation and intercropping field.

Wishing farmer the great seasons “Without weed – Good Crop – Earning Money”

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