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Treating Mealybug On Coffee

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Treating Mealybug On Coffee

The harmful effects of aphids should be detected early by spraying Map Permethrin 50EC.

Mealybugs are one of the infestations that cause great damage to coffee yield, especially their productivity. These insects appear every year on the field, and normally damage all parts of the plant. 

Normaly, mealybugs sting coffee flowers, fruit stalks, young branches, and causing the coffee shedding the flowers and young fruits. At the same time, mealybugs also indirectly generate black soot fungus on leaves, reducing photosynthetic ability, causing yellowing and underdeveloped plants.

In addition, mealybugs are harmful on coffee roots, injecting fluid at the bottome of the plant, root necks and roots, root-hairs causing yellowing effect on coffee, from the bottom to the top, make the leaves to fall slowly.

To limit the harmful effects of aphids, MPS recommend to detect them as early as possible, and spraying Map Permethrin 50EC. Dosage 120ml / 200 liters. For coffee plants that are already effected by mealybugs, MPS recommends to apply: mix 120ml / 200 liters, watering from 3-10 liters /plant, depending on the size of tree (big and small).



  • Highly effective on mealybugs with 4 mechanisms: contact, poison, deep penetration, steam
  • Eliminate mealybugs, make mealybug eggs rooten (terminateing mealybugs generation)
  • Map Permethrin: Fast, strong, long-lasting effect

Map Permethrin combined with Map Green 6SL (100ml / 200lit) to enhance the effectiveness in eliminating mealybug on coffee. Map Green increases the solution absorbing quickly, and spread evenly on the surface of the leaf, with the permeability of Map Green to penetrate the wax layer of mealybug.

MPS also recommend alternative solution: Map Permethrin combined with Map Judo 25WP (200g / 200lit) to increase the effectiveness in eliminating mealybugs. Map Judo has a mechanism to prevent molting, kill the bugs that do not cause resistance, cause egg rotten, and prevent new reproduction.

Map Pacific Singapore wishing all the farmers a fruitful season and bumper harvest!

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