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Management of dry branches and coffee berries

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Management of dry branches and coffee berries

Causes, symptoms and effects:

Caused by fungus Colletotrichum spp

The disease attacks mainly on branches and fruits:

  • On branches: Small, dark brown, slightly concave, spreading lesions dry the upper branches.
  • On the fruit: The first disease on the fruit stem, spreads throughout the peel, deeply penetrates the kernel, causing the fruit to dry black and fall prematurely.

The disease causes severe damage in the rainy season when the coffee fruit is mature.

Preventive measures:

  • Cut off diseased branches, creating ventilation for the garden.
  • To limit the development of the disease, farmer should visit the garden regularly, detect early and treat Map Super 300EC to prevent disease.
  • Map Super 300EC combines 2 active ingredients that have a draining and penetrating effect.
  • Have a bumper  crop of Coffee, the beans are large, evenly ripe and concentrated.
  • Dosage: 180 – 220ml / 200 liter 
  • Note: To increase the ability to quickly penetrate and spread eve nly on the leaf surface as well as increase the effectiveness of disease prevention, farmer should combine using Map Super 300EC with Map Green 6SL (100ml / 200 liters) for higher efficiency. especially in the rainy season and help the coffee to ripen evenly and focus

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