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D&R Director

  • Ø Market development and trend defining
  1. Study on environmental impacts, situations, trends; Future growing trends; Crop trends and consumption habits related to local and foreign consumption of Vietnamese crops.
  2. Researching and recommending technology in crop management; Reporting on issues studied and publishing official recommendations and Working with relevant institutes personnel to build MPV’s knowledge and training database.
  • Ø Product development:
  1. Studying the role of the bio-pesticides and chemical pesticides for controlling pests.
  2. Studying the effect of bio- and chemical pesticides to crops such as phytotoxicicty, plant growth regulation.
  3. Compiling trial result to suggest the use of bio- and chemical pesticides and other products.
  • Planning and controlling the in-house field and greenhouse trials, out-source trials.
  • Supporting and training the staffs in the department to improve their working skills.
  • Supporting Sales and Marketing team with product knowledge transfer, technical support.