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Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst


Report to: Marketing Manager


Main duties & responsibilities

   - Designing and developing enterprise-wide data analysis and reporting solutions

   - Reviewing and analyzing data from multiple internal and external sources

   - Communicating analysis results and making recommendations to senior management

   - Developing data cleansing rules for the company.

   - Disseminate information regarding tools, reports, or metadata enhancements.

   - Conduct or coordinate tests to ensure that intelligence is consistent with defined needs.

   - Identify or monitor current and potential customers, using business intelligence tools.

   - Synthesize current business intelligence or trend data to support recommendations for action.

   - Maintain or update business intelligence tools, databases, dashboards, systems, or methods.

   - Manage timely flow of business intelligence information to users.

   - Identify and analyze industry or geographic trends with business strategy implications.

   - Provide technical support for existing reports, dashboards, or other tools.

   - Maintain library of model documents, templates, or other reusable knowledge assets.

   - Create or review technical design documentation to ensure the accurate development of reporting solutions.

   - Communicate with customers, competitors, suppliers, professional organizations, or others to stay abreast of industry or business trends.

   - Document specifications for business intelligence or information technology (IT) reports, dashboards, or other outputs.

   - Create business intelligence tools or systems, including design of related databases, spreadsheets, or outputs.

   - Collect business intelligence data from available industry reports, public information, field reports, or purchased sources.

   - Analyze technology trends to identify markets for future product development or to improve sales of existing products.

   - Analyze competitive market strategies through analysis of related product, market, or share trends.

   - Generate standard or custom reports summarizing business, financial, or economic data for review by executives, managers, clients, and other stakeholders

   - Good knowledge on the Collective Labour Agreement, company regulations and maintain secrecy on issues related to Map


Other duties

  •    - Need to prepare monthly reports and send to supervisor and HQ.
  •    - Completing tasks assigned by higher level
  •    - Joining in internal and external training


  •    - Collaborate with related departments (COM, FIN, SCD, PRO, R&D) to get and work for information
  •    - Obtain RMs and TCs’ weekly and monthly reports.
  •    - Base on information gathered and analyzed, give comments to HODs, dissect the justified information and report to upper management and HQ.


  •    - Internal: All colleagues of the company
  •    - External: Dealers, sub-dealers, farmers, PPDs at locals and other Authority when required.


Core competencies and skills

   1. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Business Management or specialized training/certification. Or equivalent work experience.

   2. A strong background in all aspects of database technology, with an emphasis on the use of analytical and reporting tools.

   3. Excellent written and oral communication skills are a must.

   4. Knowledge of one or more business functional areas

   5. Abilities: Overcome work pressure,  Work independently, Problem solving.

   6. Experience: 02 years up

   7. Age: 30 - 40


Contact: ngochanhbui@mappacific.com/ Recruitment@mappacific.com - 0901 554 347 - 0913 863329